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Transportstyrelsens sammanställning över godkända luftfartyg

Issue 05, 03 Jul, 2013. PZL M 28. Page 1 of 27. EASA Form NR 90 CS-23. Issue 01. European Aviation Safety Agency. EASA.

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Section A: SZD-48 “Jantar  TCDS EASA.IM.A.097. Cessna 750 (Citation X). Page 1/12. Issue 2.0. Date 17 August 2010. European Aviation Safety Agency. EASA. TYPE-CERTIFICATE.

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ATA 72 Engine – Waste Gate Controller – Replacement Manufacturer(s): Austro Engine GmbH Applicability: Model E4 engines, all serial numbers. Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS) To find a type certificate for an EASA sailplane, reference should first be made to the EASA TCDS webpage. There are number of ways of searching the data, including using the ‘Product Type’ (eg CS22) or ‘Manufacturer/TCH’ drop down lists to find the aircraft and its EASA TCDS document. TCDS Number: EASA.A.059 Foreign AD: Not applicable Revision: This AD revises EASA AD 2013-0242 dated 02 October 2013, which superseded EASA AD 2009-0129 dated 19 June 2009.

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Page 6/15. Page 7. Download Ebook Nagra Iii.

Issue 08, 7 June 2013. 10. EASA Environmental Standards: Noise:   Mar 26, 2021 (EASA, FAA, DOT Canada certification) DA42, DA42M, DA42NG, DA42M-NG, DA62 (See EASA TCDS A.005 for applicable serial numbers)  H155/EC155/AS365/SA.365. See EASA TCDS EASA.R.105 for civil variants  EASA has held legal responsibility for all (non-. Annex II) EASA Internal Working Procedure Type Certification EASA Issues an EASA Type Certificate.
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Issue date . HBV Diamant. EASA.SAS.A.044 (PDF, 19 kB, 02.07.2010) 513-100 (PDF, 123 kB, 09.11.2004) 1. 1. 27 March 2007.

25 Jan 2021. Issue. 08 5.
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Type Certificate Data Sheets  EASA-TCDS-A.068_SAAB_340-21-16122011. Uploaded by.

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Airbus A380 – Wikipedia

Confirm revision status through the EASA-Internet/Intranet. An agency of the European Union TYPE-CERTIFICATE DATA SHEET NO. EASA.A.089 for PC-12 Type Certificate Holder Pilatus Aircraft Ltd Ennetbürgerstrasse 101 6371, Stans Switzerland For models: PC-12 PC-12/45 PC-12/47 PC-12/47E EASA AW119 TCDS - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. EASA AW119 TCDS TCDS EASA.BA.013 Page 6 / 12 Issue 10, 24 July 2009 SECTION 2: Cameron A Type (105 000 - 530 000 ft3) CAA UK Type Certificate Data Sheet reference: BB12 Manned free hot air balloon with twenty horizontally cut, semi-bulbous gores and twenty flying cables.The TCDS EASA.A.029 EV-97 VLA Page 4 of 7 Issue 01 February 4, 2005 III. Technical Characteristics and Operational Limitations 1. Type Design Definition: Airplane EV-97 VLA G0 00-00 01 2. Description: The EV-97 VLA is a two-seater, all metal, cantilever low-wing monoplane with two side-by-side seats, fixed tricycle landing gear, TCDS No.: EASA.A. 064 AIRBUS A318, A319, A320, A321 Issue: 27 Date: 6 March 2017 2) TSL7009, v 0 3.00, 2020-11-09 Ansökningsblankett för miljö och luftvärdighetshandlingar för EASA luftfartyg (Del-M och Del-ML) 1 (Observera att den här ansökningsblanketten inte ska användas vid ansökan som gäller s.k. Bilaga I luftfartyg EASA.SAS.A.041 Segelflugzeugbau A. Neukom Page 1 of 2 Issue 01, 27/03/2007 Elfe European Aviation Safety Agency .